Art Berger, director of Georgia Southern's MDC, took home two director awards at the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences Southeast Chapter Emmy awards. 

Georgia Southern University’s Multimedia Development Center was honored with six Emmy awards last week.

Recognized by the The National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences Southeast Chapter, GS received two professional and four student awards at the ceremony.

The National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences is a professional organization for individuals in the television and broadcasting industry.

The MDC has now won a total of 12 Emmy awards for their work in visual media.

“I love the consistency the MDC has put together over the past few years,” said Holden Galatas who won Best Newscast. “It's awesome to see it be successful for not just students in the MDC, but for students who want to join.”

GS won Student Emmys for Newscast, Arts and Entertainment/Cultural Affairs, Public Service, and Live Event.

“I can now proudly tell others that I have an Emmy nomination, which only fuels my dream of being a successful filmmaker,” said Franchette O’Neal, who won Best Live Event.

Students representing GS included:

  • Sports, Live Events - Georgia Southern Baseball: Nicholas Burke, Jamal Rogers, Franchette O'Neal, Robert Wright, Bradon Holder, Brian Cox, Natalie Arreola, Chandler Stevenson, Deondra Green, Shelby Head, Casey Felton

  • Best Newscast: Bradon Holder, Holden Galatas, Griffin Lail

  • Arts and Entertainment/Cultural Affairs - David Murray Piano Recital:  Melanie Denton, Serggio Montero

  • Public Service: Bradon Holder, Serggio Montero, Melanie Denton

Director Art Berger received two awards for Best Sports Director and Best Technical Director Live.

After being nominated for Best Sports Director and Best Technical Director seven years in a row, Berger was finally honored with the awards at last week’s ceremony.

“I just felt very proud at both ceremonies to be able to represent the university that well,” Berger said. “Especially to have such heavy student involvement.”

Mcclain Baxley contributed to this article

Anthony Belinfante, The George-Anne News Reporter,

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