Langston Chapel and Southeast Bulloch

STATESBORO — A female Southeast Bulloch High School 9th grade student was arrested after writing a threatening message on the bathroom wall Monday, and a female 7th grade student from Langston Chapel Middle School joined her.

"Gonna shoot up school on 2/12," the threat at SEB read.

The 16-year-old SEB student was transported to Bulloch County Jail and charged with one count of terrorist threats, according to a press release from the Bulloch County Sheriff's Office. SEB went on lockdown and was subject to a K9 search.

LCMS learned of a post on social media with a threat issued. While there is nothing on what the post specifically said, the 13-year-old from LCMS was arrested by the BCSO for conspiracy to commit a felony.

The middle school student's reasoning for soliciting someone to issue the threat was that she didn't want to go to school, according to a press release from the BCSO.

Statesboro High School has also faced two different terroristic threats in the past week. The Statesboro Police Department addressed the issues in a Facebook on Monday.

“We are working with the BOE and SHS Staff to ensure the safety and security of the students and staff at Statesboro High. We ask everyone to be patient and remain calm as we are investigating this incident as well as the incident from last week,” SPD wrote in a post.

All incidents are under investigation but have been deemed to be unrelated.

Alexis Hampton, The George-Anne News Reporter,

Sarah Smith, News Managing Editor,

Blakeley Bartee contributed to this report.

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