customers file in

Aldi gave the first 100 shoppers tote bags and coupons at the grand opening on Thursday morning.

STATESBORO — Aldi held its grand opening in Statesboro on Thursday morning drawing a crowd that wrapped around the building.

In line, there were students and Statesboro residents alike, all ready to get a first look inside. Soon-to-be shopper, Kat Spurgeon, looked forward to the accessibility to certain grocery items.

“I live with my grandparents and help take care of them, and one of them is a diabetic so I’m really excited to buy some stuff here and not have to order it,” Spurgeon said.

People Lined up

The line of customers wrapped around the parking lot to enter the Aldi

While waiting in line,  Heather Irvan mentions how Aldi will make shopping easier. 

“My family has a lot of allergies, gluten, dairy and eggs, so we’re really excited to be able to find things that are gluten-free,” Irvan said. “We have a very small selection in this town... I’m hoping this will bring a larger selection at a smaller cost.”

Georgia Southern graduate student, Nicole Kleinas, is looking forward to the economic benefit of having Aldi so close to home. 

“I’m really excited about the money it’s gonna save me to be able to get my groceries here,” Kleinas said.

Aldi always gives prizes and giveaways during its’ grand openings and Statesboro’s event was no different.  The first 100 shoppers were given tote bags and coupons throughout their time either entering the store or checking out at the register.

Aldi is the first new grocery store in Statesboro since 2014, when residents started shopping at the Walmart Neighborhood Market. 

This new location is a part of Aldi’s expansion plan to open 800 new stores and remodel 1,800 locations by 2022. 

Aldi originated in Germany in 1947, and then expanded internationally in 1967.

Al Keeler, Aldi’s Director of Real Estate, makes it clear that Aldi has had its eye on the Statesboro community for a while. 

“We analyzed the Statesboro market for a few years before coming here,” Keeler said. “Although it is a smaller market, we feel like we’ll have a regional draw. If you haven’t tried us out, give us a try. You’ll be very pleased with our assortment, selection, and our pricing structure.”

Storeroom floor

Aldi has many fresh food and produce options for its customers.


The new presence in Statesboro will provide students and residents alike cheaper options, while still promising high quality. 

The new grocery store is located in the Statesboro Crossing Plaza, near Soyumi and is open every day of the week from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Tatiana Joseph-Saunders, The George-Anne News Reporter,

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