The Georgia Southern University Political Science club hosted candidates for the 12th District Congressional Forum. 

The Georgia Southern University Political Science Club hosted the 12th District Congressional Forum on March 1 in the Russell Union Theater.

A large crowd of supporters and interested students met to listen to the ideas and platforms of the four candidates: Robert Ingham, Trent Nesmith, Francys Johnson and Eugene Yu.

Prior to the start of the debate, questions were submitted for the candidates concerning hot-button issues:

  • The economy of Statesboro and surrounding counties
  • Health Insurance
  • DACA and immigration
  • Higher Education
  • The Russian Probe
  • Pro-choice/women's rights
  • Gun Control
  • Climate Control
  • Religion and politics
  • Issues in the District

Candidate Eugene Yu was unable to attend the debate and candidate Robert Ingham arrived just before the closing statements.

Ingham said that his reasons for arriving late were due to the rain and late departure.

The debate was ultimately between Democratic candidates Francys Johnson and Trent Nesmith. Both had similar answers to the issues, but the debate ended with a heated disagreement between the two concerning Johnson's eligibility.

"I've never seen this gentleman on a ballot so I would say he is new to this," Nesmith said.

Johnson argued that his 20 years of public service made him more than qualified.

Regardless of the differences between the candidates, the crowd resounded with a need for more time and more questions after the 45-minute debate concluded.

Shiann Sivell, news reporter, ganewsed@georgiasouthern.edu

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