The College of Education bus stop is temporarily unavailable. 

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STATESBORO — The College of Education bus stop is currently unavailable because of construction. 

The cause of the closure was due to a broken water main, which may cause a campus-wide discoloration for a short period of time, however, there is no danger.

"The discolored water does not pose a danger and will flush through the system as water continues to be used on campus," the update from the Communications and Marketing Department reads.

The intersection of Akins Blvd. on Forest Drive is closed because of construction issues at the CEAR building, according to an email from Georgia Southern Communications and Marketing.

University police are currently at the intersection directing traffic. GS is urging students to use caution when approaching the intersection.

Students are to use the gold route near the PAC to get to the stadium in the meantime.

Anthony Belinfante, The George-Anne News Reporter, gaeditor@@georgiasouthern.edu

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