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 Digital Commons at Georgia Southern University has two million downloads

Georgia Southern University's digital commons has reached two million downloads as of February 2018.

Digital Commons@Georgiasouthern is an open-access digital repository that collects, archives and disseminates the intellectual and creative output of the University’s students, faculty and staff.

Digital Commons includes campus and community documents and publications, research, conferences, journals, research data, news and a built in peer-review system.

“By providing open access to the intellectual and creative output of the University’s students, faculty, staff and community partners, Digital Commons contributes to national and international awareness of the University and the region with every download," Jeffrey Mortimore, Henderson Library’s discovery services and data curation librarian, said.

The Digital Commons was originally launched in fall 2013. Now, it consists of 30,000 entries, over 470 SelectedWorks profiles, 25 conferences and nine journals according to a press release.

"Reaching two million downloads is a testament to the value and importance of the University and community partners’ work, and of the global reach and impact of these resources," Mortimore said.

There are downloads that originate from over 230 countries. ‘Electronic Thesis and Dissertations’ has the most downloads at more than 1,000.

The most popular journal read is ‘International Journal for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning’ with more than 319,000 downloads.

One of the new most popular digital collections is ‘The George-Anne’ with more than 51,000 downloads.

Tori Collins, The George-Anne Daily Reporter,

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