Hello. This is JaQuaylon Taylor. I am a Student at Georgia Southern University. Upon experiencing the FYE event and witnessing some of the burning, I have something to say:

Not everyone is going to be informed, they're going to be ignorant about the situation and continue to do so as long as they do not have a conversation with someone about the effects of privilege on the campus. While witnessing this I couldn't fathom doing that to my book, that I paid for, when I can sell the book. Burning the book will do nothing but create a "divide" within the community; furthermore, [the author] is still making profit from this book. I want everyone to have a "growth" mindset over this situation, but with the burning, it seems that people are still at that "closed" mindset. It's disappointing to see this and I hope we all can sit down and have that talk to open people's minds. 
Thank you for your time.
JaQuaylon Taylor

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