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Landon Jones, a junior exercise science major, is the L/DS for Georgia Southern women’s volleyball team. Jones wants to become a physician’s assistant later.  “I can’t do nursing with volleyball because of clinicals and everything,” said Jones. “So I figured the next best thing would be just majoring in exercise science and then apply for […]

The Scene: 10 o’clock on a Friday night. $5 for guys, free for girls. Throngs of people fill in a small, empty living room area. Dancing to the pulsating beat of the music. People drink out of red, plastic cups, reveling in the “all you can drink alcohol.” If you’re lucky, there’ll be something other […]

Hello Eagle Nation! If this is your first time visiting our website, welcome. The George-Anne Reflector is a premier student lifestyle magazine written by students, for students. Reflector strives to showcase the lives and culture of Georgia Southern University students. We cover a wide variety of content from the best restaurants in the Boro to […]

Mary Flott is a Senior theater major at Georgia Southern. Flott is being recognized for her lighting design work in the schools theater production of “Emelie” that has earned her an invitation to the national Kennedy Center American College Theater Festival (KCACTF) in Washington D.C.  Flott really enjoyed theater in high school and chose to […]

Conner Kirsch is a junior at Georgia Southern University, majoring in writing and linguistics with a minor in Animation and new media. He plans to graduate from Georgia Southern University in the fall of 2020. Connor mainly focuses on narrative sequential art, which is art that tells a story.  “I focus in comics, storyboarding, animation […]

Dear reader, The 2018 to 2019 academic year was an eventful one for The George-Anne Reflector Magazine. We posted every day (well, mostly every day) online, and we created two beautiful glossy magazines designed by The George-Anne Media Group’s talented design staff. We published cool features and added a new quiz section to our website. […]

Clay Ehmke, the co-owner, can be seen working in the kitchen through a small window to the back of the Savannah-based restaurant on the corner of Habersham Street, just some feet away from Troup Square park. Potted plants can be found on almost every window sill and shelf, and a string of fairy lights stretches […]

Logo used for this article is Public Domain, as it was published in 1968 under pre-1978 United States standards, by being displayed on signs and other works in the U.S., without copyright notice. As spring settles in, so does the idea of cleaning. It’s that time of year again where spring-cleaning is in full effect […]

Photo taken by Dylan Chapman There are all sorts of differing opinions, definitions and misconceptions when it comes to sexual assault, but I wanted to know why there is all the variance and confusion. In the spirit of gaining more understanding on sexual assault misconceptions, I talked with Lakeidra Grant, the executive director at the […]