Sophomore guard Tatum Barber (23) had a night of season highs against the Trojans, including 28 points scored, 35 minutes played and five three-pointers made.

Georgia Southern women’s basketball falls to Troy on the road in a 100-78 loss on Saturday in Troy, Alabama.

Although GS came out strong with three pointers being made back-to-back in the first quarter of the game, Troy was able to jump past GS’s 22-20 lead that they took in the first part of the game.

Troy jumped that lead by 42-29 with just minutes left until the buzzer sounded for halftime and that was done by a 17-2 run that helped them earn those points to push more points onto the board.

GS was able to tie with Troy in the third quarter of the game, each team scoring 19 points, but that only lasted so long when the Trojans scored 32 in the fourth quarter and the Eagles only dunked 24.

Although the Eagles were defeated, there were a few standouts from Saturday’s game. Sophomore guard Tatum Barber topped her career high by making five of her three-pointers and was 5-7 for free throws.

Other accomplishments from this game including her having a perfect record from the three-point line for five or more attempts. She is the second person to do this, behind Mary Perry, who achieved this in 1999.

The Eagles are set to revamp and try to take the court with stronger communication and more fire when they play Coastal Carolina back in Hanner Fieldhouse on Thursday at 6 p.m.

Bethany-Grace Bowers, The George-Anne Assistant Sports Editor, 

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