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Jared Benko will begin his role as Athletic Director at Georgia Southern on April 1.

Incoming Georgia Southern Athletic Director Jared Benko reports that GS is working diligently on their search for a head coach for the men’s basketball program.

“We’ve had a ton of this position,” Benko said during a teleconference. “I think it’s, I’m not even going to say pleasantly surprised, I mean it’s been overwhelming, the amount of interest.”

He credits the interest to the University’s trajectory for the basketball program and campus morale. GS averages about 1,500 fans per men’s basketball game and has accumulated 20+ wins for the past three years.

“We’re really trying to narrow down the list to a responsible number and kind of work through some holes this week.”

COVID-19 restricts the amount of travel that can take place, so no potential prospects have been spoken to in-person yet.

“I will say that we are very happy and very excited,” he said. “I know we’re going to hire a great coach...It’s really, really fun to talk to people all around the country...We’ve made a lot of progress from Friday afternoon.”

On Friday, Mark Byington resigned as head coach at GS for a similar position at James Madison. Previously known as Associate Head Coach at GS, Andrew Wilson was named as interim.

Benko will officially begin his role at GS on April 1. 

Amanda Arnold, The George-Anne Managing Sports Editor, 

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