The Eagles are currently on a 18-14 overall record while looking at a win streak of one.

The Georgia Southern baseball team is just coming off of a series win over Appalachian State, but there’s a full week ahead for the Eagles starting on Wednesday against Kennesaw State University.

The week is packed for GS baseball and since the team is now sitting at 7-5 in the conference, the Eagles have a confidence going into the game against KSU.

Statistically the Eagles are performing better than the Owls this season, with KSU sitting at 16-17 overall and GS sitting at 18-14 overall.

This will be the first time that these two teams meet this season, so there is some uncertainty in the air as to how the game will be played and how the match-up will turn out. However, Eagle Nation is betting on GS coming out on top.

When the Eagles finish the single game on Wednesday against the Owls, they will start prep to take on the Texas State Bobcats in a three game series that will go from Friday- Sunday. The Bobcats’ current season record is looking a little bit better than the Eagles’ with them sitting at 20-12 overall, however, their conference records match perfectly at 7-5.

TSU is coming off of a win, but a series loss, against Troy and they will play Texas A&M on Tuesday before meeting the Eagles in Statesboro for the weekend.

A couple Eagles to watch this week are Steven Curry, the junior INF and Austin Thompson, the sophomore INF. Both Eagles had two hits in the last game against App State and Curry had two RBIs.

Both have performed well this season for GS and fans are eager to see what the next games hold for these two.

GS currently sits in the number two spot in the eastern division of the Sun Belt and TSU sits at third in the western division.

Bethany-Grace Bowers, The George-Anne Assisstant Sports Editor,  

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