This season, fall in love with some spooky reads that are perfect for Halloween—or some more heart-warming reads as the weather finally cools down. “Ninth House” (Alex Stern #1), Leigh Bardugo Genre: Adult fantasy Publication Date: October 18th 2019 Length: 458 pages Audience: 18+ This is the adult fantasy debut from #1 New York Times […]

Halloween is just around the corner. Since we have started our spooky season craze, here are some movies on Netflix that will help get you into that creepy, spooky vibe.  As Above so Below  This movie takes you into the heart of the catacombs under Paris streets in search of treasure. A treasure hunting archaeologist […]

It’s a question a lot of students dread but too often are asked: What are your plans for after graduation?  Job? Gap year? Graduate school? Sometimes, it can feel like an interrogation. So, without further ado, here’s how to know if graduate school should be in your future. What is Graduate School? “It’s almost like […]

In today’s world, internships on job applications are the same as getting a gold star in elementary school. It’s something that sets the applicant apart from the others. There are a lot of different types of internships, and here are some red flags that come along with them.  To know what internships are best for […]

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