Every fall, loads of high school and transfer students make their way down to Statesboro to begin or continue their college career here at Geo…

Blakeley Bartee is a senior writing and linguistics major. Although this is her first year on the Reflector Magazine staff, she began working for The George-Anne newspaper during her freshman year – in other words, she’s been here forever. Blakeley’s interest in journalism is closely linked with her habit of asking too many questions. After […]

Hi, everyone!   Welcome back to our website. If you’re here for the first time, here is a quick introduction. We are Reflector Magazine, a college lifestyle magazine written by students, for students. From our Statesboro campus office, we want to deliver the content that you care about, whether that is music, movies, study tips, […]

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The age-old debate: is cheerleading a sport? While many say no because they believe cheerleading is nothing more than a performance, and that no real work is put into it. That’s an opinion, so I’m not here to tell anyone they’re wrong, but I …

Before coming to Georgia Southern, I already knew I wanted to join The George-Anne. I thought it would be great experience to have on my resume, when I graduated. However, I didn't realized that it would change my life.

It’s hard to summarize my time at The George-Anne. It’s been equal parts my greatest blessing and most brutal damnation. I owe so much to this organization but there have been times it’s brought me to my knees in frustration. It’s a thankless…