We all judge horror movies, and we tell ourselves why what we would do in each character’s situation. Now it’s time to put it to the test. Take this quiz to see who you would be in a horror movie.

Photo courtesy of Micah Fansler. Dodgeball Club is a co-ed, national collegiate team at Georgia Southern University. Every year, they participate in tournaments, and travel to nationals. The club was created by Zachary Rivera, and it became an official club sport around the end of 2015. Rivera said he wanted to create a new club sport, and he liked […]

Georgia Southern University’s Recreation Activity Center offers many group fitness classes already, but a new class, Step and Sculpt, was added for members to enjoy on Thursday nights. The instructor, Joiya Reed, said that the class offers a full body workout in a fun way.  The class offers two different types of workouts in one […]

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How do you feel about Kyle Marrero, the current sitting president of the University of West Georgia, being a finalist for Georgia Southern's 14th president?

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