Just because quarantine and social distancing rules are still in place all over the country doesn’t mean you still can’t have a blast this summer! Here are some ways you can still make the most out of your vacation. 1. Enjoy the beach- at a distance Most public and some private beaches along the Georgia […]

Skincare is one of those topics that is always relevant, and it can often be overlooked. Taking care of your skin helps you feel like you have a bit more control of your life, even if you can’t leave your house. Here’s a list of highly-rated and affordable skincare. Each item has some more information […]

While you may not need the excuse of being quarantined to binge YouTube videos, I myself have always been a fan of YouTube. I think there’s a ton of really entertaining, informative and worthwhile videos on the platform to look at in your free time. There are so many different communities and genres, each having […]

Photos by Logan Seeman As graduation season is coming up we have to handle things a little differently, like figuring out you’re going to celebrate virtual graduation or how you’re going to get your grad pics for your invitations. I know what you’re thinking: are grad pics even necessary now? In my opinion, they are. […]

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