• Noelle Walker

Ah, Spring Break. The time specifically set aside for vacations, beaches and friends-for some of us that is. For the rest of us, it is a time to sleep in, lay in bed all day and hang out with our true love: Netflix. However, finding the perfect show can be hard. How are you supposed […]

  • Cheryl Nuzum

With spring fast approaching, you may be packing away your winter hygge essentials: hot tea, chunky blankets, knit socks, stringed lights, etc. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to justify starting a fire when it is 85 degrees outside. While the Danish don’t have many tips for springtime hygge, you can still find a way to […]

  • By Noelle Walker Reflector staff

Cosmopolitan occasionally publishes a post where someone will message their Tinder matches certain quotes (like Fifty Shades of Gray Lines). I decided to hop on board but with a Georgia Southern twist: I sent people I matched with on Tinder Erk Russell quotes. Honestly, most people ignored me and didn’t message back; I probably had […]

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  • By Ashley Jones The George-Anne staff

Last month 17 students lost their lives in what is now one of the top ten deadliest school shooting in America according to CNN. com. Following this massacre President Trump revealed his newest plan in strengthening school defenses and upgrad…

  • By Julia Fechter The Reflector staff

Marvel’s newest film, “Black Panther” was expected to be a success when it hit theaters-and indeed, it is holding its weight. The film has so far broken a flurry of box office records pertaining to opening-weekend ticket sales (both traditional sales and with services like Fandango) and its success compared to the other Marvel Cinematic […]