Conner Kirsch is a junior at Georgia Southern University, majoring in writing and linguistics with a minor in Animation and new media. He plans to graduate from Georgia Southern University in the fall of 2020. Connor mainly focuses on narrative sequential art, which is art that tells a story.  “I focus in comics, storyboarding, animation […]

Georgia Southern Student Brandon Curtis Aims for More with his Fashion Brand Written by Akaria Stewart and Julia Fechter Creating a fashion brand is a very popular entrepreneurial endeavor. With an industry that is about creativity and innovation, brands often benefit from having a unique characteristic that distinguishes them from all the others.  Senior public […]

Dear reader, The 2018 to 2019 academic year was an eventful one for The George-Anne Reflector Magazine. We posted every day (well, mostly every day) online, and we created two beautiful glossy magazines designed by The George-Anne Media Group’s talented design staff. We published cool features and added a new quiz section to our website. […]

Photo Courtesy: uDiscoverMusic Madonna announces “Madame X,” drops sexy new single “Medellín,” licks Maluma’s toe Review by Brett Daniel April has been quite a busy month for Madonna, the music industry’s reigning Queen of Pop. The legendary “Hung Up” singer-songstress posted a red “X” on her Instagram account on April 1, stoking the flames of […]

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I think it’s appropriate to begin the 2019-20 Georgia Southern school year with a letter to the GS community. This tradition of a letter from the editor to kick off the school year has stuck with The George-Anne for several years. We’re conti…

Now that I am actually writing this, I want to thank the collegiate and community people who have influenced my life more so than I want to list my accomplishments. There are so many people I could thank, but I would like to take the time to …