By Noelle Walker and Tony Ortega With spring break right around the corner, many students at Georgia Southern are going many different places while others don’t have any idea where the week may take them. If you’re in the latter, take this quiz to see where you should go!

Photo courtesy of Laila Abdallah This is a Reflector Community post. To pitch a post of your own, click here. Laila Abdallah, 27, sits near the kitchen in a packed, hustling and bustling Waffle House on King George Boulevard in historic Savannah, Georgia. Abdallah speaks loudly and confidently to the waitress, even while knowing that all of the patrons are staring at her. Abdallah is the only person in […]

By Hannah Johnston This is a Reflector Community post. To pitch a post of your own, click here. When I joined Georgia Southern’s Model Arab League (MAL) team, I was really just looking for a club where I could use some of the material I was learning in my classes and maybe make a few friends along the way. Like most new MAL members, I felt a little lost, […]

From the beginning of time, women have rocked this world and left their indelible mark on society. Beginning biblically with the First Lady of Humanity Eve to the Rapper Eve the First Lady of Ruff Ryders. Women’s History month is the opportunity to uplift and acknowledge all the phenomenal women both past, present, and future […]

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My name is Tyler Tyack, and I am the Speaker of the Armstrong and Liberty Campus Student Government Senate. I have served for three years in the Senate, and this is the first year that our two-senate-system has been in action.